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          SCORPIO PUBLISHING is a book publishing company. SCORPIO PUBLISHING  is an integrated media company that mixes the tradition with innovation and creativity and stand well in Bulgarian media market. It is an independent company, privately owned by people who have a global and broad vision for doing business in a global environment. Part of the companys principles are bringing knowledge and information in an age of communication and quick changes to a great number of people in Bulgaria.           

            SCORPIO PUBLISHING publishes books in the following areas:

1. SCHOOL BOOKS, from 1st to 12th grade, we publish textbooks and manuals, reference books, books for foreign language study.

2. CHILDREN BOOKS, we publish all kinds of books.

3. Maps, we publish maps in Bulgarian.

4. NON-FICTION, we publish many books, health, new age, foreign language study, law, books about Bulgaria for foreigners, sport, popular psychology, culinary, biography.

5. FICTION, we publish fiction from a short time aiming at a lot of readers.

          SCORPIO PUBLISHING often participates in joint ventures and partnerships with foreign companies. Our partners choose us as we are a trustworthy and correct partner. We invite foreign investors, media companies, publishing companies, private entities to call us or to ask us if they have any idea of business for Bulgaria or want to invest in publishing in Bulgaria and want to participate with a serious partner like SCORPIO PUBLISHING. In a more competitive world publishing business we know well cooperations and work together bring only dividend to all of the partners as it is difficult to work without strategic alliances. We can help any foreign investor with our experience, professionalism, knowledge of our business.

             We have some plans for acquisition of small Bulgarian publishers, which will add to our strenght and place as the leader in Bulgaria for book publishing.